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a. Interview: The Globalization Paradox (Kategorie “Public Contributions”)

Recently, KCG Managing Director Prof. Holger Görg gave an interview to the Capital magazine to discuss about the Globalization Paradox gradually emerging in many countries in the world, the future and the challenges of globalization and the role of emerging economies in the world economy. In the interview he also shares his views of the current development and future perspective of Germany’s economy and of whether China’s “weaker” economic development is or may become a substantial challenge for both the German industries and the world economic growth.

Germany’s economy benefitted a lot from foreign trade and from the globalization. In the future he expects that foreign trade would still grow at a high rate, though not at a substantially high rate as before. More needs to be done to further improve the distribution of the benefits of globalization over different groups of stakeholders and countries. A fairer distribution is a key base for further fostering trade and globalization.

More (link to “The Globalization Paradox (in German) – CAPITAL Interview” listed in “Media Contributions” which should be further linked to the interviewer website http://www.inpactmedia.com/wirtschaft/international-business/das-globalisierungs-paradox)

b. Quality FDI Matters for Economic Development and Growth (“KCG NEWS”)
“The Vienna Investment Conference: Quality FDI, Development and Growth” which was co-organized by UNIDO as well as Holger Görg and his team at the Kiel Institute for the World Economy took place in mid-September in Vienna, Austria. At the conference, the Director General of UNIDO Yong Li emphasized that “Quality FDI is a key driver for growth of domestic enterprises and improvement of the overall investment climate, provided the right policies and incentives are designed to strategically direct such investments towards target areas with high growth potential. Quality FDI, driven by the activities of multinational enterprises, can help achieve inclusive and sustainable industrialization, foster innovation and build resilient infrastructure, as set out in Sustainable Development Goal 9.”

The relevance of quality FDI in improving the quality and sustainability of global supply chains is a key aspect that will be intensively investigated by various projects in the KCG. The KCG is an interdisciplinary research centre of globalization which aims to become a bridge between researchers and policy makers to enable transfer of knowledge and to provide a voice that communicates research results centred on globalization-related issues to society at large.

More (link to the website of the conference https://investmentconference.info/).